Hello World, It’s Me, Valeria.

Your obedient servant, V.

Oh my goodness. I’m doing it. I’m writing a blog.

I never thought I would be here. Me, a writer? Well, I’ve actually been writing my whole life – including for a living – but never like this. Not laying out my experiences widely and boldly (for me, anyways).

Proposals for federal contracts? Yes.

Journaling? Of course!

A blog detailing my past and present? Nope. Never.

So why venture out like this into the unknown?

One word: OBEDIENCE.

I am a woman of faith. The closer I have become to God, the more obedient I am becoming.

Don’t get me wrong. This obedience thing is hard. Take this blog, for example. Last March, God put it in my heart to start sharing my experiences with others through writing this blog. I’ve let my fear of judgment by strangers and/or people I know stop me from doing what God has asked me to do.

Nevertheless, the time for following through on my part has come.

Now, to actually introduce myself!

  • My name is Valeria
  • I am a Christian
  • The blog’s name is Project Valor (more details on the name later!)
  • I’m 28 years old
  • I am fresh into a leadership role in my church
  • I’m the co-founder of a tech startup
  • I am going through a divorce

Most of what I end up writing will be related to one of the topics listed above. They’ve had a hand in shaping my experiences, and my goal is to connect and help others going through similar circumstances and how coming into a closer relationship with God has been transforming my life.

I am so excited to do this and get to know you all in the process.

Much love and God bless,