A Startup Founder's Journey

Sometimes, Quitting Is the Right Move


It looks like my journey as a startup founder has come to an end.

No, I didn’t get fired. Yes, the company is still alive. But I quit.

When the People Around You Have Opinions

I’ve been wrestling with my place in the company since last year. Making the decision to divorce my ex-husband set off a chain of events that would change every aspect of my life in ways I could not prepare for, including my career.

Late last year, the people around me were split into two camps with different expectations: stay in the company or leave the company.

Those who expected me to stay in the company said that I should remain because I helped build it. It was my baby (or so they thought I should see it). I spent all my time working on this project. What if it became successful? What if I quit and it skyrocketed, and everyone who stayed got rich, and don’t I deserve that too?

The ones who expected my departure thought I should leave because they thought I was distracted, fragile, going through too much in my personal life to put in the work to help the company succeed. I wasn’t pulling my weight, and how could I expect to be paid when I wasn’t wearing all the hats they kept throwing at me?

Our company was on the verge of being accepted into a tech accelerator that would require me to move across the country for 3 months. I did not want to go. I was (and still am in some ways) finding my footing being back home and single. But after praying and seeking the advice of the wisest people in my life, God said I needed to stay in the company and go to the accelerator. So I went.

Why I Needed to Stay

The accelerator experience was transformative in more ways than one. I gained a new friend in our third co-founder whom I had never met in real life before. I gained countless mentors and supporters. I gained knowledge that will help me in all areas of my life. I gained new life experiences that would not have been possible otherwise. I gained new confidence in my singleness. I gained a new depth of relationship with Christ.

I also gained new perspective.

I was able to identify what was truly important in my life. What my priorities should be. What my purpose has been this whole time.

Helping people.

So that meant I needed to quit.

When Quitting is the Right Choice

I love my team. I love working with them. But I had a renewed sense of purpose, and it wasn’t in that company.

Back in May, the company was in a tight financial situation. We needed to consider all our options, including finding new jobs. Add to this the finalization of my divorce, and that meant I was in a precarious personal situation as well. I was on the verge of losing my job and losing healthcare in the middle of a pandemic.

I prayed to God that if it was His will that I stay in the company, that an investor would come, check signed, by the end of June.

Fast forward 3 months, we were able to patch up the tight situation and go on until recently. And I forgot about my prayer. But I didn’t forget about the new fire that God had lit inside of me to use the trials He guided me out of to help others in similar situations. When we were on the verge of losing everything again, I started looking for new jobs and figuring out where He wanted me to go next.

It was in the middle of searching and applying for new jobs that I remembered my prayer. I realized that it did not come to pass. The investor never came. And so I had the green light to go.

Some times, God allows for difficult situations to enter your life so that you make the choice to listen to Him and move out of where you are and into His path for you. His plans are better than the best plan we could come up with on our own.

Sometimes, quitting is the right move.


By Project Valor

Valeria started writing back in 2014, but didn't publish anything until now! During that time, God, choices, people, and natural disasters have brought her here, and now she's ready to share her experiences and help others through them.

When not writing, Valeria can be found leading the young adult ministry at her church, relaxing with her 2 dogs, or drinking a latte or 5.

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